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7 Beach Road , Western Cape

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Fog Bandit patented design and unprecedented track record of performance & reliability, has earned it a reputation that has attracted end users from all spectrum's of the business world, Fog Bandit is widely used to protect people and assets against the threats of robbery and burglary across Financial Institutions, CViT and Cash Processing, Retail, Warehouse Distribution, Leisure, and Public Sectors.

pltfrm wolwespruit

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501 Jochemus Street, Cul de sac, Erasmuskloof,, Pretoria

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A BITE ABOUT US When we started Pltfrm, our dream was to create an environment that offers the perfect combination of festivity and tranquility. That is why we chose this ideal outdoor space, where the grass is green on every side. We love to eat as much as you do, and that is why we are constantly taking action to improve your culinary experience. We travel the world to learn new recipes and experience different cultures that introduce vibrancy into our kitchen, bringing exquisite food straight to your table. Our passion for hospitality started as a small coffee shop at the Pretoria Gautrain station – but our craving for exploring has brought us straight to this thriving space. The curiosity and adventurous nature of our chefs and leaders are here to stay. We will continue creating the perfect flavours for your tastebuds for years to come.



29 Erwee Street, 9730

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RIGHT TYRES RIGHT PRODUCTS RIGHT PRICES Need value for money, best service in town. Come visit your one stop tyre experts. Car, 4x4 , Taxi, Truck, Agri and Earthmover TYRES.


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1 Hoëveld Plaas , Wakkerstroom

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Biological, hormone free Highveld Lamb, cut in your own preference and delivered. LAMB-IN-A-BOX Deliveries at a central location. Price +-103/kg, average weight 20-25kg Cutting options: OPTION 1 – (All Chops) OPTION 2 – (2 x Leg Roasts, 2 x Shoulder Roasts, Chops) OPTION 3 – (2 x Leg Roasts, Chops) OPTION 4 – (2 x Shoulder Roasts, Chops) OPTION 5 – (1 x Leg Roast, 1x Shoulder Roast, Chops) Rib option: A. 2x rack of ribs B. 1x rack of ribs, riblets C. Only riblets All cuts are individually packed and vacuumed. Please Email/WhatsApp your order. 📱0760538525/0637762604 📧 hoeveldlam@gmail.com


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