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8 Donkerhoek, Pretoria

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Monday - Thursday | 7:00 - 17:00
Friday | 7:00 - 14:00

Ever since the first night someone built a fire and started telling stories to distract people from the dark, so it has always been. We return to the same place, time and time again. To sit, huddle, cook and feel safe. But more than that, to share. To feed not only our bodies but our innate yearning for affection, and our boundless affinity for one another. We understand the warmth of the flames is really the warmth of human connection. And that the more we kindle it, the brighter it burns. Times may change. Technology may come or go. But there will always be one real and meaningful place for us to gather. For hugs. For smiles. For literally laughing out loud. Where our hearts and minds are free because we have everything we truly need. We believe, in those moments, it’s more than a braai. It’s more like a celebration. It’s together, made better.

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