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KIND CRATES is a small business born from a team & industry negatively impacted by Covid-19. The fact that you are reading this has us doing a happy dance and we appreciate all the support we’ve already received. Our brand was born out of caring and kindness, the two words that come to mind when thinking of our staff. To add value to our purpose of supporting struggling individuals and businesses, we aim to donate a portion of our proceeds to a story that tugs at our heartstrings every month [see our Instagram for updates on who we are sharing kindness with this month]. Please know that you are kindly helping to feed more than 10 families every month. If you’re not ordering this week, you can also support us by sharing our social media pages with your friends & family. A little kindness goes a long way. We are continuously sourcing new and relevant products from hard working artisan producers, local farmers and local mothers all negatively impacted by the pandemic. Our aim is to not only support our staff, but also support other struggling producers and creators. We are excited to continuously deliver our best service while contributing to the relief of the negative impact of Covid-19 on our country and its people. We thank you for your caring, kindness and interest in the story of Kind Crates.


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