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Welcome to LORA photography. Thank you for making time to look at our page. We hope you will be inspired by our work & see the passion & dedication we have for photography & videography. We are based in Johannesburg (South Africa) but is not limited to our destination. Our love for travel can be seen in our work and we have done photo shoots locally as well as internationally. We met each other in Cape Town in 2015 and soon realized we have a common interest in photography! Soon after we decided to start LORA photography together. Both of us are professionals in other industries and photography being our passion is what makes this so special. Loricia Bruwer is a qualified Goldsmith and photography has always been on the side lines. Loricia's love for photography started as a 15 year old girl when she decided to take it as a subject at school. Shooting with film, working in the dark room and digital photography has made a big impact. As part of her studies to become a Goldsmith, photography was also part of the course and this is where she learned to work in the studio as well as editing programs like photoshop. Ramey Short is a professional actor in mainly the afrikaans industry since 2007 and is best known for his role as 'Dr Quinton Meyer' in the Binnelanders television series but he has also starred in international films & international television series. His love for photography started from a young age, his mother was a photographer that travelled through Africa and took portraits of the people that she came across, Ramey spent his holidays with his mother & learned from her. While in school he also attended photography courses. Being in front of the camera when he is acting & doing photoshoots for magazines has also helped him being behind the camera as a photographer.


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